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AI-powered grocery shopping list

AI-powered? How? You have probably heard about ChatGPT - an automated chat that works by generating (predicting) texts based on a user prompt.

While you can't have a conversation with Frooty List (yet!), both the Frooty Grocery shopping list and ChatGPT involve the use of machine learning. They both require structured data to be trained effectively and rely on statistical models to make predictions.

Frooty Shopping list uses these techniques to provide you with cost and item predictions for your everyday shopping.

Grocery Shopping List App

'New list' features

With Frooty App, creating new shopping lists is so much easier!
Use item autocompletion, auto lists, cloning, text imports and voice recognition to quickly create new shopping lists.

Auto Lists

Automatically create new lists based on your shopping history.

Autocomplete Items

Start typing and get instant item (product) hints!

Voice Recognition

Say out loud product names instead of typing them in.

List cloning

Reuse old items when creating a new list. Save time, be awesome!

'In-store' features

Frooty app helps you while you're doing shopping at the store.
Smart AI Cost Predictions, Magic Auto Sort, experimental In-Store Item Locator and product statuses for the win!

Smart AI Cost Predictions

Discover what your shopping cost will be thanks to a powerful machine learning (ML) algorithm.

Magic Auto Sort

Automatically sort new lists based on your shopping history!
No pre-configuration required, one tap is all it takes!

Single-Tap Categories

Keep track of bought and out-of-stock items by moving them between categories with a single tap.
No more crossing off!

In-Store Item Locator

May the orange arrow lead you to the right aisle! Your own shopping history and crowdsourcing will keep you from going astray.

Instant Collaboration

Work on the same list with your friends and family!
Now you can easily share lists and edit them togeter with other. Or tell your wife you love her using instant chat.

Unlimited List Sharing

You can share as many lists as you like with as many people as you like.

After all, sharing is caring, right?

Built-In Chat

Use instant messages to talk about items on the list.

You can even upload pictures of products to show packages of what exactly you want to buy.

Push Notifications

Your roommate shared a new list with you, or added a new product to an existing list?
You will receive a notification even if Frooty App is off!

Automatic List Sharing

A smart feature for families: set up who you want to auto-share all your lists with. No more "You forgot to share the list!" phone calls.

Grocery Shopping List App Reports

Smart Reports

See how your shopping habits and prices change over time! Refer to graphs, tables and pie charts in the 'Smart Reports' tab to see your dollar spending, averages, favorite items and more.

Archive and Export

Move completed lists to the archive or let Frooty autoamtically archive old lists after 3 days. If you fancy doing your own analysis and research, simply export all your shopping list data to a CSV file.

App Preview

Take a sneak peek into Frooty App.

Grocery Shopping List App Frame

Free vs PRO version

You don't have to go PRO. But you will want to.

Frooty Free

  • Unlimited lists and items
  • List sharing (1 list/1 person)
  • AI Cost Predictions
  • Voice Recognition
  • Smart Reports
  • Import From Text
  • Auto New List
  • Screen Always On feature
  • In-Store Item Locator
  • Lists Archive
  • Item Search
  • Smart Item Autocomplete
  • Server Synchronizationp
  • Push Notifications
  • No Ads

Frooty Pro

All free features plus:

  • 10x Faster Server Sync
  • Unlimited List Sharing
  • Automatic Lists Sharing
  • Chat (with images)
  • Magic Auto-Sort
  • Export to CSV
  • Clone items
  • Reorder by hand

Note: PRO is an In-App purchase. Download Free Frooty first, then look for Upgrade To PRO button in Frooty settings.